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The turf experts at Leaf Blowers Direct have written a comprehensive lawn sweeper buying guide to help consumers. Lawn sweepers are an easy way to clear your lawn of leaves and clippings.

Lawn Sweeper Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Lawn Sweeper

Joe, the Leaf Blower Expert
Product Expert
Leaf Blowers Direct
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Lawn Sweeper Buyer's Guide

Your property looks beautiful as fall colors come into your trees. But when the leaves start to pile up, itís time to get to work.

A lawn sweeper will pick up leaves and lawn debris quickly and easily, giving your yard that clean and manicured look you want with hardly any raking.

Constructed with poly- or stamped-steel housings, tear-resistant hoppers and long-wearing brushes, lawn sweepers are all-season helpers. They can also pitch in for spring yard chores, spend all summer sweeping up lawn clippings and picking up all that Mother Nature drops on you in the fall.

All you need is some sort of vehicle to tow the sweeper. Lawn tractors, most zero turn mowers and even ATVs will suffice.

Lawn Sweeper WidthThis part is simple: the wider the lawn sweeper, the faster you can get your clean-up finished. Or at least, the more you can pick up with each pass.

The leaf and grass collectors, or hoppers, have a cubic footage capacity rating as well. The more cubic footage of leaves and debris a lawn sweeper can hold, the less often you'll need to dump the contents into a leaf pile.

Lawn Sweeper HitchAll lawn sweepers are towed, so obviously you need a hitch for attachment purposes. Look for a model that offers a multi-height hitch for the greatest versatility and the easiest hook-up to your tow vehicle.

These hitches have multiple height settings so you can tow the sweeper regardless of vehicle. A zero turn mower is going to have a lower hitch than a UTV, but this style of hitch can accommodate either option.

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