Introducing the Best Leaf Blowers of 2019

Introducing the Best Leaf Blowers of 2019

Leaf Blowers Direct Reveals 2019’s Top Leaf Blowers

BOLINGBROOK, IL (September 26, 2019) - In order to help homeowners and landscaping professionals alike with their fall cleanup tasks, Leaf Blowers Direct has announced its lists of the Best Leaf Blowers of 2019.

Currently, Leaf Blowers Direct lists almost 150 models of leaf blowers on its site and has published more than 3,300 reviews from its customers. Its lists of the best leaf blowers are designed to make sorting that information convenient and easy.

Leaf Blowers Direct assembles these lists with the help of a proprietary algorithm. This algorithm assigns a letter grade to every product on the site, giving shoppers real-time information about even the newest leaf blowers the company offers.

“Some shoppers simply want the most affordable leaf blower to use when fall comes around. We can certainly help with that,” explains Dale Vogelsanger, product expert at Leaf Blowers Direct. “But others want to use their blowers for more chores throughout the year, so they need a little more information about the equipment that’s available. That’s where our lists come in handy.”

According to Vogelsanger, the lists that Leaf Blowers Direct creates are a top resource for smart shoppers for three key reasons:

1. Three Lists for Every Category
To give shoppers the most specific information possible, Leaf Blowers Direct sorts its top products into three lists for each category of product:
  • Best-selling: products with the highest sales numbers
  • Top-rated: products with the most favorable reviews
  • Expert-recommended: products that the store sales expert recommends based on testing and customer feedback

“Whether somebody wants a small, electric leaf blower or a huge, gas-powered wheeled blower, that person can see which ones on our site our customers like and which ones our team recommends due to our experience,” says Vogelsanger. “With that amount of detail, the odds of finding the right equipment are strong.”

2. Real-Time Updates
Because of the proprietary algorithm in use, visitors to Leaf Blowers Direct’s website receive current information every time they click on a product page.

“The system is always updating each product’s rating based on the feedback that users leave,” Vogelsanger explains. “We take that into account when we put together our recommendations. That means that if new information comes out about a product, you’re going to see it in our lists.”

3. Free Access
Leaf Blowers Direct prides itself on making its information available for free to anyone visiting the site so that all consumers have the chance to educate themselves. No subscriptions or signups are required; no reviews are hidden behind a paywall.

“Our job is to make buying leaf blowers simple,” says Vogelsanger. “We can’t do that if we don’t give our customers the information they need to make the right choice. Thanks to these lists, shoppers can be sure that they’re getting just the leaf blower they need.”

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