Gathering Nuts With Your Tractor

How to Remove Nuts From Your Lawn the Easy Way

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In autumn, the leaves aren't the only things falling from trees.

Black walnuts, acorns, pecans, sweet gum balls, and other nuts are falling too, but you don't have to collect them by hand.

While leaf blowers are good for leaves, nut gatherers are the better option for cleaning up nuts.

1. Select the Perfect Tow-Behind Nut Gatherer
For the best results, itís important to pick the appropriate tow-behind nut gatherer.

Because nuts come in different shapes and sizes, itís important to have a tow-behind nut gatherer that will accommodate those differences.

There are specific designs intended for sweet gum balls, black walnuts, pecans and large acorns, and even a separate style for small acorns or walnuts.

Each model specifies the type of nut(s) itís designed for, so finding the one for you is easy.

2. Shake the Trees
Put on a hard hat and safety glasses, then go shake free any remaining loose nuts to avoid having to go out and gather them again in a day or two.

You can shake the lower hanging branches by hand, and use a broom handle or other long object to reach the higher branches.

3. Collect the Nuts
If you have several trees on your property, a tow-behind nut collector is the way to go.
Tow-Behind Nut CollectorThey're available in different styles to suit different kinds of nuts, and can turn a grueling day-long chore into a simple tractor ride around your property.

Tow-behind nut collectors are designed to attach to the back of your garden tractor to make clean up quicker and easier, and they'll leave less behind than a lawn sweeper.

Just drive over the nuts, and the nut gatherer will clean them up behind you.

4. Emptying the Hopper
Once you've fished collecting the nuts off of your lawn, drive back to home base and empty your load directly into your disposal bag.

If you wish to keep your nuts, separate them out from the rest of the debris and set them aside for later. Then dispose of the remaining debris in a waste bin or add it to your compost pile.

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