The Perfect Pasture

How to Quickly Vacuum Horse Manure

By  | Leaf Blower Product Expert

Ridding your pasture of manure is important for the health of your livestock, but it can also present other benefits.

Besides deterring flies and other livestock pests from inhabiting your pasture, cleaning manure can make you some extra money.

Organic farmers use manure to fertilize their crops, and they pay good money for it too.

In the past, shovels and tow-behind wagons were the best way to clean the mess. You can imagine how dreadful that was.

Nowadays there are pasture vacuums to make cleanup quick and simple.

Pasture vacuums take the nightmare out of the chore. You simply attach the pasture vac to your utility vehicle, ATV or garden tractor. Because of their weight, they are not recommended for zero turn lawn mowers.

The pasture vacuum features an 18-foot vacuum hose, allowing you to suck up horse, alpaca or llama manure without getting out of your seat.

They come in a variety of options. You simply choose between a 36- or 50-cubic foot aluminum collection box that won't rust. And to make things even easier, you can simply dump your load with a quick pull of a lever.

On a serious note, there is a reason why they are called pasture vacs and not stable or stall vacs. These engine-powered vacuums emit a deadly and odorless gas called carbon monoxide.

We strongly suggest not using them inside a stable or barn. Never operate gas-powered machinery indoors, even with open windows and doors. The carbon monoxide can build up, so keep it in the pasture.

Aside from being able to breathe easy and keep your horses clean, your animals will also appreciate the fresh air of a clean pasture without as many pesky parasites and flies bothering them.


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