Cleaning on the Clock

How to Clean Stadiums and Fairgrounds Fast

By  | Leaf Blower Product Expert

If you run an outdoor cleaning service, you know the importance of leaf blowers.

If you're new to the business, perhaps you need some advice on what kind of equipment to use.

Whether reviving fairgrounds in late summer or cleaning stadiums Monday morning, there are tools required to get the job done fast.

After-all, time is money. So the faster you finish one job, the sooner you can start the next.

Breezing Through Large Areas
walk behind blowersWhen you're cleaning a wide-open area, like a stadium or a field, you want to harness the power of a hurricane.

Walk behind leaf blowers are the perfect tool for the job. They roll over terrain like a lawn mower, but they blow trash and leaves effortlessly over large distances.

What sets these beasts apart is their combined CFM and air speed that push leaves and trash with the power of three or more backpack blowers combined.

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tow-behind powered sweeperTo sweep up large areas, like fields and fairgrounds, use a tow-behind powered lawn sweeper. These beasts will pick up practically everything up to an inch in diameter.

Gravel, stones, bottle caps, and even little stuff like lawn clippings and pine needles are no match for a gas-powered tow-behind lawn sweeper. They hold a fair amount of debris, so you can clean larger areas more efficiently.

Hook this up to the back of a lawn tractor, and you can sit down while you ride your way to a clean field. If you have a large enough crew, you can have a couple guys working backpack or walk-behind leaf blowers to push the debris into rows for the sweeper to pick up more quickly.

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Nooks, Crannies, & Grandstands
backpack blowersWhile walk behind leaf blowers can move large quantities of trash and leaves over massive open areas, they aren't ideal in tight spaces.

A stadium job, for example, should begin with blowing trash out from under grandstand seating, blowing it down the stairs, moving trash from entrances and under bleachers.

For these kinds of spaces, it's much easier to use a backpack blower. Once you're finished blowing the mess out of the nooks, crannies, and grandstands, you can move it all into a pile with a walk-behind blower and haul it away to the city dump.

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push powered sweeperTo clean corridors and concourses, there are smaller powered sweepers available as well. Use a powered push sweeper to clean hard surface areas with ease.

Clean items like candy wrappers, pop cans, cigarette butts and popcorn by pushing this powered sweeper over them.

The spinning brushes will sweep the debris into an enclosed hopper on the back, which can be easily emptied.

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