Redback 120 Volt Tools At Leaf Blowers Direct

Redback 120 Volt Tools At Leaf Blowers Direct

How Redback Stands Out Among Cordless Leaf Blowers

By  | Leaf Blower Product Expert

With cordless outdoor power equipment becoming highly popular these days, it's no wonder Redback has made it their goal to stand out from the competition.

Featuring a powerful 120-volt Lithium-Ion battery, Redback offers the most powerful battery-powered equipment in the industry. They also offer a 5-year warranty on their batteries, which is better than any warranty offered by their competition.

These new tools will provide commercial performance with the clean convenience of a cordless electric design. And to sweeten things further, they boast great features that you don't often find on cordless tools.

Robust 120-Volt Battery Power
Redback Battery on ChargerThe 120-volt lithium ion battery offered by Redback will keep your leaf blower running longer and stronger, and features genuine Samsung Li-ion cells.

The battery weighs just under 4 pounds, which means the blowers are very light-weight, even when equipped with the battery.

    Longer Run Time
    Redback BatteryThe robust industry-leading battery can provide an estimated 120 minutes (2 hours) of blower time. That's typically more than enough time to complete the job at hand.

    Keep in mind, there's no idle run time. We're talking actual blower time, not time spent walking between areas.

    With variable speed throttle, you can throttle down for longer battery life, and the optimal speed sensing capability will adjust the speed of the blower to prevent bogging down in tough areas.

    Industry-Leading Warranty
    Redback Battery ChargerRedback is offering a 5-year warranty on their batteries and their tools. That's 5-times more battery coverage than most competitors offer, and the tool's 5-year warranty beats each of their competitors' by a year or more.

    Having such a long warranty is a great benefit, especially on a battery. That's 5 years that you don't have to worry about buying a new battery, which is the most costly part of the trimmer.

Redback Cordless Blower Features
Redback Leaf BlowerThe Redback cordless blower delivers up to 385 CFM air volume and 121 MPH wind speed to move wet and heavy debris. The power can be adjusted to 4 different stages including a turbo mode for added boost. This is a commercial-quality blower that requires no engine maintenance.

There's an ergonomic handle for improved grip and reduced fatigue, and the efficient low-noise motor won't cause as much of a disturbance in quiet neighborhoods and office parks.

Redback Leaf Blower RearThe Redback cordless blower features a brushless motor and variable speed optimization so you can be sure it'll last longer, and it weighs just 9.6 pounds with the battery mounted.

For those who have a lot of blowing to do, this Redback blower includes a shoulder strap for even less fatigue, and a metal ring balance at the end of the blower reduces wear when in close proximity to the ground.

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