Corded Electric Leaf Blower Buying Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Corded Leaf Blower

By  | Leaf Blower Product Expert

Leaf blowers are rather simple tools.

They are just a motor or engine that pushes air at high speeds.

In the past, small engine mechanics made these unnecessarily complicated, requiring maintenance and oil/gas mixtures.

Electric leaf blowers have solved that problem. No maintenance. No gas. Just blowing leaves.

Blower & Vacuum
Blower VacuumMany of the electric leaf blowers we carry double as leaf vacuums as well. This allows for more versatility and functionality.

The vacuum capability allows you to turn up to 16 bags of leaves down to one bag of mulch for easy disposal.

Look for a model with tool-less conversion, so you can quickly and easily turn your blower into a vac.

Impeller Material
metal impellerThe impeller in an electric leaf blower creates air flow, but blower/vacuums also use this impeller to mulch up dried leaves as they're pulled in. This helps to reduce the how much space they take up, allowing you to fit more leaves into the vacuum bag.

Impellers can be made of metal or plastic. If you plan to utilize the vacuum function frequently, you should choose a metal impeller for longevity and lasting performance. The metal impellers will hold up better if you accidentally vacuum small pieces of debris that aren't as malleable as dry leaves.

Leaf Blower Extension CordIf you've ever owned or used a pesky two-cycle leaf blower, you know how frustrating a small engine can be. You need to mix gas with oil for the gas tank, perform routine maintenance like replace spark plugs, and worst of all, yank a recoil start rope to get it going.

Life doesn't need to be difficult though. Corded electric leaf blowers are simple because they have no gas, oil or engine. Just plug it into a regular outlet or extension cord and you'll be enjoying
your clean lawn in no time.


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