Leaf Blower Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Leaf Blower

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If you think leaf blowers are only useful in autumn, stop selling them short!

Leaf blowers are no one-trick pony. These versatile blowing machines can move leaves, grass clippings, debris, and even light snow in the winter.

Plus, with the help of a lawn vacuum or lawn sweeper, you can remove large amounts of clutter from your yard from springtime all the way through the fall.

So no matter what season it is, you can easily find a leaf blower or other piece of outdoor power equipment to speed up your lawn cleanup.

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Electric Leaf Blowers Electric Leaf Blowers
Electric lawn tools have become increasingly popular because they're lighter and quieter. Electric leaf blowers are popular with homeowners because there's less maintenance.

Whether powered by a cord or a battery, they don't have the same power and productivity as gas-powered blowers.

Therefore, you won't see a landscaping crew using electric leaf blowers. 


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Gas Leaf Blowers
Gas Leaf BlowersGas leaf blowers are a staple in a landscaper's truck. Whether you're blowing leaves, grass clippings, or debris, gas-powered leaf blowers have the power you need.

With a 2- or 4-cycle engine, these leaf blowers can be loud. They can be handheld, backpack, or walk-behind, and the bigger the lawn blower, the more powerful.

The benefit of backpack and push blowers is you don't have to carry them with one hand, making them less taxing to use. 


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You might think rakes and leaf blowers are your only options for a lawn cleanup.

However, if you have a large yard, you can save a lot of time with a tow-behind lawn sweeper or a lawn vacuum.

Lawn Vacs

Lawn Vacuums
Much like a vacuum cleaner, lawn vacuums literally suck up everything in their path, including clippings, leaves & debris.

Litter vacuums are even powerful enough to suck up large items such as aluminum cans and half-eaten corn cobs.

These are typically used for big jobs like cleaning up the fairgrounds after a county fair. 

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Yard SweeperLawn Sweepers
If you own a riding mower, simply hook up a sweeper behind the mower and you can have a pristine yard without breaking a sweat.

Like a bagger on a riding mower, the leaves are collected in a hopper behind the sweeper.

These can also be used for collecting and cleaning up some nuts and pine cones, though nut gatherers are better suited for that task.

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